Dermaplaning: The Leading Edge for Exfoliation

DermaplaningDermaplaning is an exfoliation sensation.  The Center for Plastic Surgery at MetroDerm, P.C., in Atlanta, GA, headed by Farzad R. Nahai, M.D.offers a variety of anti-aging skin treatments, and dermaplaning is popular for a number of reasons:

  • Easy and fast
  • Effective
  • Little to no downtime

Even the Ancients Valued Exfoliation

Women in ancient Egypt, who invented many beauty treatments, considered exfoliation an important part of their skin care routines. As far back as the Middle Ages, individuals used wine—which contained tartaric acid—to slough dead skin cells from the epidermis. In fact, the word “exfoliate” comes from Latin.  It means, “to strip off leaves.” Even today, exfoliation is considered the keystone of any good facial-care routine.

Two Types of Exfoliation

Typically aestheticians offer chemical and mechanical treatments that remove dead skin cells from the epidermis. Peelsproducts, and treatments such as dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, and microneedling among others are used for exfoliation.  Each has its own benefits. A licensed aesthetician can provide advice and guidance to help you choose the most efficacious treatments for your skin type and condition.

MetroDerm’s Licensed Provider

Tanya Padron, is MetroDerm’s Georgia licensed medical aesthetician. She will explain the inner workings of skin care and consult with you on a regular basis about your aesthetic goals.  You can have more youthful-looking skin with very little downtime by pursuing non-surgical remedies.

Amazing Results

As simple as it is, dermaplaning is a powerful treatment which has a number of distinct advantages:

  • Minimizes acne scars
  • Removes superficial skin damage/hyperpigmentation
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles


If you are looking for a fast and effective exfoliation treatment, dermaplaning is a great choice. It takes about 30 minutes and involves no downtime. The aesthetician uses a surgical blade positioned at an angle and moves it all over the face. Removing dead skin cells is one result of the treatment; temporary facial hair removal is another.  After treatment, the skin looks smooth, radiant, and naturally beautiful.

Please Note: Most individuals enjoy the hair removal aspect of the treatment.  Smooth, hairless skin is especially attractive.  Patients should be aware that the hair does return. Skin myths frequently assert that facial hair that is shaved comes back more dense and coarse.  This is not true.   It returns at the same rate and texture that it was before the dermaplaning.

Make an Appointment to be Amazed

If you need a little pampering before a special event, dermaplaning is a good choice, and it can be combined with other therapies.  Call today to make an appointment for this amazing treat for your skin. The Center for Plastic Surgery at MetroDerm is conveniently located to serve all of metro Atlanta and the surrounding cities of Dunwoody, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and Brookhaven.


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