MTFTransgender MTF Surgery

Being a transgender woman means going through an emotional, spiritual, and physical journey. Many transgender women, MTF, seek plastic surgery to attain the completion of their physical journey, the physical transformation which lets their outside match how they feel on the inside.

Male-to-female-top surgery is one of the most significant physical transformations. This is a surgery designed to transform the appearance of a male chest to feminine breasts. It is a procedure that in a matter of one to two hours can dramatically improve the quality of a transgender woman’s life. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Farzad Nahai, specializes in MTF top surgery and takes great pride in fulfilling this aspect of your journey.


During a consultation, Dr. Nahai takes the time to understand your aesthetic goals and will guide you in selecting the best implant for you. The decision between saline versus silicone, and the size, and projection of the implant will be made together in order for you to have the size and shape of breasts you desire. Dr. Nahai utilizes an approach combining face-to-face meetings along with digital imaging and morphing software to develop the patient’s individualized surgical plan. With this state-of-the-art technology, a patient can view before and after images of her surgical procedure.

Types of Implants

  • Saline implants are made of a silicone shell and are filled with a sterile saline solution or salt water. The sterile saline solution has the same salt concentration as the body, which means that the solution presents little health risk.
  • Silicone implants are made of a silicone shell and are filled with silicone gel. There is no significant evidence that suggests silicone implants increase your risk for cancer, connective tissue disorders, or autoimmune disease.

About the Procedure

MTF breast augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis using general anesthesia to ensure patient comfort and takes a little more than an hour to complete. The method of inserting and positioning the breast implants will depend on your anatomy and preferences, and the recommendation of Dr. Nahai. The incision can be made either in the crease beneath the breast, or around the areola, the dark skin surrounding the nipple. During surgery, the breast tissue and skin will be lifted to create a pocket, either directly behind the breast tissue, sub-mammary or sub-glandular placement, or may be placed beneath the pectoral muscle and on top of the chest wall, sub-muscular placement. Once the implant is positioned within the pocket, the incisions are closed with sutures, skin adhesive and/or surgical tape. A gauze bandage will be applied over your breasts to help with healing.

Aftercare and Recovery

After the procedure, your breasts will be wrapped in gauze and an elastic bandage or support bra to minimize swelling and support the breasts as they heal. You will be closely monitored in a recovery area for a minimum of one hour. You may be allowed to go home when you are stable for discharge.

Dr. Nahai will provide specific postoperative instructions:

  • Wear your support garment around the clock as instructed.
  • Follow instructions carefully on cleansing, applying ointment and bandaging.
  • Avoid normal activities for the first several days to minimize the likelihood of bleeding into the pockets around the implants.
  • Patients may receive post-op medication if they weren’t prescribed in advance. This may include pain pills and antibiotics to prevent infection.
  • A follow-up appointment will be scheduled. It is important to keep this appointment.
  • Dr. Nahai will notify you when you can resume exercise and normal activities. Final results may not be apparent for a few weeks until the swelling subsides and the skin stretches.

Every patient is unique; therefore, results of treatment may vary.

Dr. Farzad Nahai and his team have performed thousands of breast procedures for both men and women throughout Atlanta, GA. As a practice, The Center for Plastic Surgery at MetroDerm, P.C. strives to create a warm and comfortable environment, one which balances a sense of family with professionalism.  It is a relationship that continues long after the final stitch is placed and the bandages are applied. Dr. Nahai is committed to ensuring your surgery is totally successful. If you are a transgender individual considering breast augmentation, call 404-835-4191 and schedule a consultation. Dr. Nahai will be with you throughout your journey. The center serves patients around the metro Atlanta, GA, area including Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Roswell, and Buckhead.