The Magic of Morpheus 8

Looking at the summer ahead, it is wise to think through some of the precautions we all can use to avoid – or at least minimize – the power of the sun to produce changes in the skin that could be summarized as premature aging. And of course, our appearance is just one level of concern when it comes to the hazards we are exposed to with our season in the sun.

Long sleeves, hats, and high-SPF sunscreen are excellent tools for protection, but they are not fail-safe, especially in the hands of sun-loving Southerners. Down at the beach, out on the boat, or enjoying our priceless Atlanta Beltline, we all are exposed to the damage the sun can do.

Even if we have practiced every piece of advice about sun protection – and most of us have not – the UV radiation we receive from the sun often finds ways to leave its calling card on our bodies’ largest organ, the skin.

Enter the Magic

IPL treatments, using intense, pulsed light are sometimes used to help erase freckles, sun spots, or uneven skin tone. In certain instances, microneedling can dispel persistent discoloration, while also stimulating collagen and elastin growth, your skin’s own processes for presenting a youthful surface.

Adding radiofrequency energy to the microneedling process, via a treatment called Morpheus8, is a way to address issues lying deeper within and under the skin. RF treatments such as this have proven effective in restructuring the layer of fat that naturally supports the surface of the skin. The objective of RF treatments such as Morpheus8 is to give the skin a more favorable foundation, and thousands of patients praise the results they gained from this minimally invasive treatment.

The Vital Role of Awareness

Because remarkable remedies for sun damage, such as the magic of Morpheus8, are available, this is nevertheless no reason to skip the common-sense precautions for protecting ourselves from the dark side of sunlight’s effects. Skin cancer remains the most common form of the dreaded disease, and yet it also is considered the most preventable.

The first remedy we propose is awareness. A yearly skin scan is in a way your best protection of all, because early detection has proven to be the best way to avoid the worst kind of sun damage. Coming in for a professional once-over is the beginning of real protection and a good beginning for the sun’s high season.

The Best Care is Everyday

The resourcefulness, expertise, and variety of treatments for the damage that summer sun has left behind is impressive. Yet, what we do every day is also a key to getting and keeping great skin. Moisturize and protect. And don’t forget that hydrating your skin starts from within. Drinking plenty of water every day is one of the most effective and least talked about treatments your skin can receive.

Let’s get together and start from a good beginning to make sure this summer is one that you – and your skin – will remember fondly.