Injectables such as Botox and fillers are incredibly popular and effective ways to improve your appearance and combat (and sometime even prevent) the signs of aging. The average age of someone who tries Botox or fillers for the first time is their early forties. I tell patients that the right time is when you are ready and want to improve a certain feature on your face. It may be because make up can no longer manage the area or you have come to the point where a feature bothers you enough to try something.

When used before wrinkles set in, Botox can even lessen the formation of creases and lines in the forehead and around the eyes. When done well, fillers and toxins can be tailored to your needs and treatments can be individualized for a natural look. For first time patients, I recommend going conservative and starting with modest interventions, as there is always the opportunity to do more later down the road. This way you can keep looking natural, just a bit refreshed and younger.

Injectables can also be a great way to improve your appearance when you are thinking about surgery but are just not ready yet.