How to Prepare for a Facelift in Atlanta

How to Prepare for a Facelift in Atlanta

The popularity and acceptance of facelifts today as the comprehensive approach for addressing premature signs of aging and the excellence that has come from the vast experience in the practice may lead to just one remaining question among the people who consider it. How do I get ready?

Selecting the board-certified plastic surgeon you entrust with your facelift is clearly the first step. Board certification is your assurance of experience and validation. Reputation and the satisfaction of other clients are other factors to consider. Yet the most important criterion to apply is the feeling of trust and understanding you experience as you discuss the possibilities. In those early conversations, you can also expect to learn certain steps to take before the facelift.

Simple and Sensible

The practical steps are simple and sensible. Your plastic surgeon will have conducted a thorough evaluation of your physical condition and any medical issues to consider. He or she may prescribe certain medications to begin taking in advance of the procedure and will possibly adjust your current medications. You may be prescribed or provided with topical products for you to apply to your facial skin before the procedure. You will be advised to avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and even herbal supplements for a while. And you will be advised to stop smoking.

Not smoking is always an excellent idea, and maybe your facelift is just the landmark you need to put cigarettes down for good. Not only does smoking tend to age the skin prematurely, but it also may complicate your recovery after a facelift. So, if you have not done so already, now is the time.

When the Fun Begins

Enjoying the results of your facelift doesn’t have to be put off to some future date. Preparation includes an attitude of hopefulness and progress. You have taken the reins of your own goals for your appearance in your own hands – and you have enlisted the alliance of a skilled and accomplished plastic surgeon whose qualifications combine both art and science.

About that hopefulness – it is best to take an overall point of view. The best attitude comes from not focusing on particular elements or parts of the face or following someone else’s fashion. You’ll know you’re in good hands when you are talking with a plastic surgeon who looks at you, the whole you, and takes care to understand how all the pieces fit together.

The Younger You

With millions of procedures in the bank of experience, looking younger is the easy part of facelifts. Looking like a younger you – that’s the part that takes a rare combination of know-how, talent, and artistry.

The state of the art in facelifts has never been higher, and there’s no reason to wait if you’re considering the advantages of one. Your preparation includes that feeling of confidence you’re looking for when you sit down for your consultation. Getting face to face with a physician who listens is the first step a great facelift.

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