What to Expect from a Facelift in Atlanta

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To be satisfied well beyond your initial expectation – that’s the first thing you can expect from a facelift here in Atlanta, particularly if you choose the Center for Plastic Surgery as the resource you rely on.

A long-term study of patient satisfaction with facelifts returned the results that 97.8% of facelift patients described the improvement in their appearance as very good or beyond expectations – the top two ratings. That’s practically everybody. Now let’s consider why.

Practice Made Perfect

Throughout the world, the experience in performing facelifts is widespread. Just as you would think the learning curve had peaked, new breakthroughs in technique become available and, thanks to the pace of practice, they are perfected rapidly. Long gone are the days when “having a little work done,” was for the rich and famous, or for people who depend on their looks for their fortune. Today, people from every walk of life seriously consider facelifts.

As a result, the expertise available to you is staggering to consider. Nevertheless, your choice of surgeons and practices is still the No. 1 variable in the satisfaction you will achieve, and so a board-certified plastic surgeon in an accomplished practice – that is, in a practice where experience is vast and continual – should be your goal for selection.

The Importance of Harmony

Another thing you can expect from a facelift in Atlanta is the feeling of confidence and vitality that comes from harmonizing the features you were born with. A facelift is, surely, an advanced answer to reversing the premature signs of aging, but it is far more than that, especially now, considering the place that facelift has come to occupy in our society. It is not entirely about “looking younger.”

Rather, a facelift makes it uniquely possible to address the balance and harmony among your facial features. In addition to looking rested and refreshed, the outcome includes looking more like yourself at your best.

A Comprehensive Answer

Non-surgical solutions abound for addressing certain issues with facial appearance. They are popular and effective, including fillers, injectables, and treatments that work on, in, and beneath the surface of the skin. Non-surgical treatments can improve specific issues from the eyelids to the neckline, from the hairline to the corners of the mouth.

Yet still, despite their effectiveness and popularity, no individual surgery or non-surgical treatment offers the opportunity to address how all your features work together, to impart the impression of you. A facelift is instead a process of orchestration, and we can help you prepare for a successful surgery.

Before, During, and After

In the care of the qualified plastic surgeon who is right for you, it is reasonable to expect to feel reassured at every stage of your facelift, beginning with the empathy of the initial discussion. Understanding your goals and vision, your experiences, and expectations, is what lays the foundation for experiencing excellence at every stage of your facelift.

Because each person is uniquely prepared for this decision, we listen carefully, and we focus on you. Communication before, during, and after your facelift is one key element of the satisfaction you will experience. The sensitivity of this communication is a point of pride in our practice, and you can expect to experience it at every stage. If you are wondering if a facelift is right for you, call us. We’d love to have a chat.

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